Mixture Optimization

Concrete products are defined in application by their technical performance characteristics as well as their optical appearance. The performance and constancy of these characteristics are determined on a large scale by the concretes' mixing composition.



  • Savings of cost-intensive materials
  • Cost-benefit optimization for feedstock
  • Reduction of expenditure in manufacturing
  • Decrease of specific manpower utilization
  • Higher degree of utilization of the production plants
  • Production with a more positive CO2-balance
  • Improved functionality of the products
  • Higher long-life cycles and better sustainability of the products


Concrete achievements

  • Up to 25% reduction of cement consumption at the same product quality
  • Up to 30% improvement of the products' technological characteristics at same or smaller costs
  • Up to 60% reduction of the variation of product properties
  • Up to 50% reduction of rejection and/or the complaint rate