Process Optimization

Technical perfect and efficient production methods as well as constantly working process sequences are the basic precondition for releasing products of a constantly high quality at a cost-beneficial workflow. By the means of a well specified analysis and optimization of each individual process stage within the production chain, quality deficits can be avoided and optimal conditions both for efficient production and the successful implementation of new product ideas can be created.


Raw materials

  • Inspection of feedstock in respects of quality and constancy
  • Test of alternative raw materials
  • Storage and transport of raw materials
  • Incoming components inspection and monitoring of the raw materials (systems for quality control)

Weighing and dosage

  • Positioning and calibration of the weighing and dosing installations
  • Type, quantity and sequence of the material allowances


Mixture and transport

  • Functionality of the mixing complex
  • Position and effectiveness of the mixing units
  • Suitability of mixture sequences, mixture quantities and mixing times
  • Constancy of concrete mixture
  • Transport and delivery of concrete to the production facility


Placing and compaction - Product manufacturing

  • Arrangement of filling and emptying of the production facility
  • Filling of the moulds and vibration
  • Excellence (quality and uniformity) of the compaction measures
  • Product-aligned calibration of the machine- and plant-specific parameters
  • Constancy of the product characteristics
  • Monitoring of the product quality (quality control)


Curing and Storage

  • Post-processing during the hardening process
  • Subsequent treatment of the concrete surfaces
  • Stacking and paging of the products