Bellinghausen Kanalsystem GmbH, St. Augustin

Optimization of concrete mixtures for instant-form-removal concrete and formwork-hardened pipes in order to reduce mixture costs

OAO ‚Betfor Zavod ZhBi’, Ekaterinburg / Russia
Development and technical application of mixtures for washed concrete and self-compacting concrete; Optimization of prefabricated concrete mixtures regarding workability, durability and surface quality

DASAG GmbH & Co. KG, Neuwied
Optimization of concrete mixtures for slabs and steps in order to enhance the blanks' quality and reduce mixture costs

ELO Elementbau Osthessen GmbH & Co. KG, Eichenzell
Optimization of the production process for the manufacture of concrete goods (paving stones, kerbs, pipes)

CRH S.C. Elpreco S.A., Craiova / Romania
Optimierung des Produktionsprozesses für die Herstellung von Betonwaren (Pflastersteine, Bordsteine, Rohre)

Ferrari BK S.p.A., Lugo di Grezzana , Italy
Process optimization in the production of concrete goods, Mixture optimization to reduce mixture costs, Consulting on issues of product development

Josef Högerle GmbH & Co. KG, Dietenheim
Optimization of the production of prefabricated concrete elements and ready-mix concrete in order to reduce mixture costs, to enhance the products quality and to increase efficiency and productivity of the production sequence

IBF Polska Sp. z o.o., Boleslawiec / Poland
Optimization of core- and face concrete mixtures for double-layered paving stones in order to reduce mixture costs

KANN Baustoffwerke GmbH, Bendorf-Mühlhofen
Optimization of concrete mixtures for double-layered concrete goods in order to reduce mixture costs and increase product quality

Beton Kemmler GmbH & Co. KG, Tübingen
Optimization of mixtures for prefabricated concrete elements, precast garages and concrete pipes in order to improve workability, technical characteristics and to reduce mixture costs

KROST Construction, Moskau / Russia
Development and technical implementation of face concrete mixtures for double-layered paving stones and slabs with subsequent surface treatment

MUEG - Mitteldeutsche Umwelt und Entsorgungs GmbH, Braunsbedra
Suitability assessment for lignite fly ash as a binder in concrete goods, screeds and for road pavement, Development of a cement-free concrete masonry block

Müller-Altvatter Betonfertigteile, Holzminden
Attending consulting for scheduling and installation of a mixing- and production complex for architecture concrete and development of the concrete mixtures

Van Nieuwpoort Beheer B.V., Gouda , Netherlands
Planning, coordination, implementation and evaluation of measures for using alternative building materials in structural applications

RBR Betongruppen, Varde / Denmark
Optimization of the concrete good production for enhancements of the product quality and reducing of mixture costs

Spedalso Betonvarefabrik A/S, Horsens / Denmark
Optimization of concrete mixtures for single-layered paving stones in order to reduce mixture costs; Development of concrete mixtures for the production of non-standard components and large scale elements

Starka Betongindustrier, Kristianstad / Sweden
Process and product optimization to improve quality and reduce costs in the production of concrete products

Trutmann & Co. Zementwarenfabrik, Regensdorf / Switzerland
Development and optimization of mixtures for wet-cast-products, steps and non-standard components with post-processed surfaces; Introduction of the SCC-technology for delicate components