Product development and new technologies

The development of new products by the employment of new materials and/or the application of innovative technologies aims at the creation of new product properties. Moreover product development permits a maximization of the product quality at smaller costs or the minimization of the costs at the same product quality. The selective use of recycled secondary raw materials reduces the production cost for building materials, conserves natural resources and provides the more cost-effective and eco-friendly manufacturing of building products.


Development of decorative concretes for concrete goods and prefabricated concrete elements

  • New development and technical implementation of individual products and whole product lines from the design pattern to the successfully positioned product
  • Consultation with forms, colours, surface textures
  • Elaboration of mixtures, instructions for procedure and systems for quality control


Development of high performance concretes

  • Mix design for self-compacting and high-strength concrete for applications with increased requirements to workability,strength, durability and surface quality
  • Elaboration of requirement profiles and inspection schemes for the quality control of the raw materials, the individual process steps and the final product


Development of concretes with increased sustainability

  • Development of ecological, sustainable and technically equivalent concrete products under the use of industrial secondary raw materials as replacement for conventional materials
  • Product-specific development of concrete mixtures and adjustment to existing technical defaults and manufacturing methods